Directorate of Science and Humanities (DSH) Programme 2021/2022 Application

Application Start Date: 01/07/2023 23:00:00
Application Closing Date: 31/01/2024 23:00:00
Application Fee: 25000.0
Send email after submission: yes

Application Instructions

  1. Click on 'Register for application' at the top left of this page to proceed.
  2. Provide all necessary information. Note that * means compulsory fields.
  3. An immediate mail will be send to the provided email address (ps your email not the cybercafe's mail).
  4. Open your mail to get your system generated id and password that you will use to login.
  5. Go to click on 'Login' (top right of front page).
  6. Enter your user name and the password from the mail to login.
  7. To start the application process, please click on 'Edit application record' and provide all required information and upload you passport photograph.

Payment Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user name and the password as sent to your email to login.
  3. To make payment, click 'Edit application record'.
  4. At the bottom of the page click on 'Add online payment ticket'.

Interswitch Payment: ATM-Enabled Verve, Visa or Master Card from any commercial Bank.

  1. Click on the Payment_ID of the ticket created.
  2. (ii) Click on ‘CollegePAY’ at top of your page. Confirmation page will appear to enable you cross-check your payment details. If ok, Click ‘Submit’ to proceed with the payment through Interswitch payment gateway.
  3. Select your card type from the ‘drop down’ ( Verve, Visa or Master Card), enter your card details i.e Card number, expiry date, CVV2, pin and click “Pay”.
    Note : Your CVV2 is the 3- digit number printed at the back of your card.

If your payment is successfully validated, you can proceed to submit your completed application form and print your application slip.